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Michael [userpic]

When I Was A Child, I Spoke As A Child

September 11th, 2008 (11:29 pm)

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current mood: frustrated
current song: Todd Snider - I Spoke As A Child

I haven't written here in over a year. I am in a very different place now. I now live in my own apartment, and I've acquired and quit a second job over the past year. Life has changed a lot, and also remained the same.

Quick run down. Just turned 24. The only dog I've ever had just died. My Mom wants to get another dog and she said I'll get to take care of him when she's out of town. I feel like that may be weird, he won't be my dog.

Still single, and even more frustrated by it. There's been a girl coming into my store a bunch recently, even flirted with me one night while sitting with her Mom. She came in tonight and I thought I'd ask her out. I didn't get the chance to because she doesn't date Jews, her family won't let her. she's Armenian.

Maybe I'll write here a little more often now that I squeezed this little entry off. I'm gonna go fold my laundry and finish my beer now.

Michael [userpic]

Get Ready, Here I Come

July 5th, 2007 (01:26 am)

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current mood: excited
current song: Bloodhound Gang - Fire Water Burn

More frequent visits from Joni Mitchell, Kelly Carlson, and Michael Chiklis. And another batch of new regulars:

Oscar Nunez
Magic Johnson
Steven Weber
Roger Lodge
James Cromwell
Sharone Osborne
Will Friedle
Kathy Najimy
Ashlee Simpson
Peter Wentz
Lori Loughlin
Robin Williams

In a few hours I'll be on a plane headed for New York. It'll my second visit to NYC in my life, and I'm very excited. I'm also very excited because Monday I'll be fleeing the country to go Israel on a birthright trip. I'm very excited, so excited my thoughts aren't forming well, so I'll leave it at that.

I'll be in NYC until July 8th, and again on the 20th after I return from Israel.

Its gonna be awesome.

Michael [userpic]

Thank You For Scaring The Hell Out Of Me

April 10th, 2007 (11:29 pm)

current location: Home
current mood: content
current song: The Vanity Project - Thank You For Sharing

I covered two shifts at Allott in one week. The second time LeVar Burton came in. I did a double take while look at him and writing his drink and he asked me if I was alright. I felt like an idiot. This past week Chris Cornell has came in almost every day, and one day Dave Navarro came in while he was there. That was pretty cool.

Other than that work has been rolling along. I did another siren's eye last Monday, and I had a my first review the other day. It was good, I got me a raise coming, just in time to be moot when I get promoted to shift supervisor and get that raise. I talked with my assistant manager about what to do to speed up my promotion because my PDP is kinda pointless. I know how to sample pastries and I know how to rotate beans. I've been doing a bunch of other stuff that has been prepping me better for promotion than this PDP. He said that he'll talk to the district manager the next time they meet, which is in about a week, and that in their previous meeting they talked about not waiting to promote people, so I could potentially start my training in two weeks, just in time for Urinetown to open.

I should find out this week who I'm playing in An Adult Evening Of Shel Silverstein, which I'm very excited for. My first production with my theatre company, I can't wait to get started. It goes up in June, so be ready.

Also, quite unexpected, it seems like things could be looking up on the love front. I don't want to say too much, but I'm really excited for this possibility, and I don't know if I've ever really felt this way. We shall see how things unfold.

Michael [userpic]

No John, We Don't Have A Code For "There's A Man In My Closet With A Gun To My Daughter's Head", But We Obviously Should

March 25th, 2007 (12:34 am)

current location: Home
current mood: crazy
current song: Me First And The Gimme Gimmes - I Believe I Can Fly

Hello true believers! Long time no see, well it's been busy. Rehearsals for Urinetown have been pretty time consuming. We're rehearsing 5 days a week now, and we're finally starting to get into rehearsals with the director instead of just with the choreographer and the musical director. There's still another month of rehearsal too, so I think I'm gonna be pretty sick of this thing by the end.

The Vagabond Players production of The Shadow Box opened last night, and that's gonna run until the week before Urinetown opens. it's crazy, right after close we're gonna start rehearsals for An Adult Evening Of Shel Silverstein, which I'll be doing. I don't know what role yet, but I'm gonna do it. Rehearsals will probably start right after Urinetown opens, plus I have a bunch of workshops during those weeks, and I'm gonna try to go up and see Pericles at UOP, so its gonna be crazy times. But I love it, I like being busy.

For example, today was my first day off in a week. I slept in, slothed it up for a while, beat Twilight Princess, showered, and slothed it up some more. I would've liked to be doing something, but people were busy, or out of town for the day, or too busy getting ready to leave town tomorrow, or just not answering their phone. I was also thinking of financial situation and while it is getting better, the next two weeks are gonna be tough what with having to make some big payments and not enough money to do it. So I thought "I'm bored and I wish I had more money". Then I got a call from my store to come in and work. That certainly solved my prblems, at least for the night. And here's the recent crop:

Jason Hervey
Oded Fehr
Rena Sofer

And while covering at Allot Christopher Titus came in. Also, while I didn't see her, tonight Hilary Clinton was up at the Glen. The place was flooded with cops, even some in plain clothes. And to throw people off they all said that Britney Spears was up there. It was pretty funny.

Other cool stuff, I'm doing an independant film called Newborn. Davis, who was in Nocturnal Notes, called me up and said he's producing this script he wrote abd there was a role for me. We've had a couple days of shooting, spent a whole day at Griffith park last week, and we're gonna have some more filming next week. It's pretty awesome, I play Frank, this new guy at the office who gets a crush on one of the girls and in the end they get together. It's pretty awesome. Davis said they're gonna submit it to all the major festivals. So here's hoping.

At work I've finally started my Partner Development Plan with the goal of being promoted by May 1st, hopefully sooner. And the way things are at my store at the moment its probably gonna be sooner. Which is fine by me, I would love to make mroe money sooner. I just really really hope they don't transfer me when I get promoted. I really like my store, and while the tips aren't as good as other stores, and I do pass 8 other stores on the way to mine, I couldn't imagine having to start over somewhere else.

Anyway, I ahve to work in the morning, so I'm gonna get this a little short. Good night.

Michael [userpic]

Out Of The Frying Pan And Into The Fire

February 14th, 2007 (03:23 pm)

current location: Home
current mood: chipper
current song: Meat Loaf - Wasted Youth

So about a week ago I wrote a whole entry about my predicament deciding which my upcoming possible projects to fully persue, but I didn't finish writing and then I got real busy real quick, and now the predicament is kinda gone.

I've just been cast as Officer Barrel in the LAVC production of Urinetown, a role I should've played a year ago, but I'm still very excited. The auditions were pretty slim on guys, and I didn't see anyone who fit Bobby Strong, but I guess they figured it out, and I'll find out tonight since we start rehearsing right away.

Yesterday I also had an audition for a student film at the New York Film Academy, which as it turns out is for two films shooting this weekend and next weekend, so I should know about that by Saturday.

Nocturnal Notes closed over the weekend. It went okay, the houses could've been better, especially our second performance which only had 3 people. Everyone that csme to see me said I was the best part of the show, and even a couple I didn't know said that, so I guess I can be really proud of that. I think the production team really appreciated what I brought to the show. They're doing a radio drama next, I told them I'd love to do some more crazy voices for them, so maybe they'll call me up.

It's really nice to leap from one production to the next, it feels like I'm back at UOP, particularly with the fact I'm taking classes again as well. After Urinetown I'll probably go right into the Vagabond Players next production. Right now we're look at All In The Timing and An Adult Evening With Shel Silverstein, or some combination of pieces from each. That'll go up in June, we'll do somehting else in the Fall, and then probably squeeze one more in around December. I'm going to try to push The Lion In Winter for that one, I think it'd be a nice play for winter, obviously.

I'm taking two classes at Valley to polish off those requirements I left hanging when I left UOP. I started classes on Monday, and they've been alright. My Math professor is pretty cool, he doesn't take roll, which is an advantage for those days I decide not to go, like today and tomorrow. My Anthropology professor is cool too, and that class is only two days a week. Also I've decided I'm going to walk to class, an easy way to start getting in shape. The problem I've realized now is that I'm probably going to be opening a lot more since my availability is going to get strange with rehearsals every night at 7 pm and class in the middle of the day.

I got to train my first new partner the other day. It felt very good, so I hope I get to train this girl more, and get to train more people. I'm also doing another Siren's Eye tonight, which'll be another pin in the promotion hat, and also why I'm not going to class tomorrow, as I'll probably not get home until 5 am. They also told me they're putting me in the Partner Development Program, basically meaning setting me up so that when the time comes to promote someone to Shift Supervisor, I'll be ready. My goal is the end of March, so we'll see.

Now, I've got to beat Twighlight Princess before I head off to my first Urinetown rehearsal.

Michael [userpic]

We Must Move Forward, Not Backward. Upward, Not Forward, And Always Twirling, Twirling, Twirling Towards Freedom!

February 4th, 2007 (11:01 pm)

current location: Home
current mood: chipper
current song: Dashboard Confessional - Don't Wait

More people have come in:

John Tesh
Dave Grohl
Mark Moses
Rutger Hauer
Kelsey Grammer
Amy Yasbeck
Paula Abdul
Victoria Fuller
Chris Cornell
Frank Stallone

And while covering at Luke's store, Erik Estrada came in.

So I've still been alive since, just busy, and tired. Nocturnal Notes opened this weekend. Our first performance went pretty well, with not too bad an audience either, although it was more of a dress rehearsal since that was our first performance with all of the elements in place, including most of the props. Last night didn't go as well, but I think next weekend will be much better. Hopefully.

Other good news, I've been accepted into a theatre company. I am now a member of The Vagabond Players, stationed out of the Raven theatre in North Hollywood. I have my first company meeting on Tuesday night. We're going to talk about ideas for our next production after The Shadow Box, so I'm gonna bring in all the plays I've read over the past couple years and always wanted to do.

In other other good news, I just joined a service called ActNow. There are many other services similar to them, but from what I've gathered from how some others run, I think ActNow is the best. Basically they set up workshops with casting directors who are currently casting things, you pay to go to these workshops, and then you do cold readings for them. Then, with any luck, the casting director will call you in to audition for stuff, and then you'll get work. This appears to be the way to meet casting directors and get auditions these days. I don't like that you have to pay for the workshops, but there's no other way it seems. Mailings don't work, and unless you know someone you're fucked.

Anyway, I went in for a prescreening, got some great feedback, and I signed up, with money I don't have, for 3 workshops with a casting director, who's very interested in finding undiscovered talent, and is casting a brand new pilot called Chuck. My consultant at ActNow thought I'd be perfect for this, and once hearing about it I agreed. The show is about this guy, Chuck, a computer whiz and Stanford drop out wasting his life away working for Geek Squad. Until one day he gets an email from an old college buddy, upon which opening downloads an entire external hard drive full of highly classified government secrets, directly into his brain. Sounds crazy no? This sparks Chuck into a series of misadventures. There are 7 series regulars, including Chuck, his sister, this beautiful woman named Sarah who's actually a spy sent to get close to Chuck, and his cohorts at the geek squad. So that's the first 3 Saturday's in March, I'm really excited.

I heard the Revue was pretty awesome. I really wish I could've been there, but I had rehearsal for Nocturnal Notes last week. If I didn't have rehearsal on Thursday I was gonna try to come up and just run myself ragged with traveling, but I had to be here. Kyle reassured me that I was still there, in voice form, and that I was opening two shows this weekend. A feat I had never done before.

In Starbucks news, I've just been certified as a learning coach so that I may train new Baristas. And on Valentine's Day I'll doing my second Siren's Eye. Also, I've been improving no the espresso bar, although it still can get overwhelming. I'll be up for review in two months, and with any luck that's when I'll get promoted, or at the very least get a raise.

Love life is looking up. After all the messiness that surrounded the Summer, and ensuing confusion throughout the fall, I've finally got my head on straight and am moving on, and hopefully moving onto something completely fresh. I'm not in too big of a hurry though, I'm really broke and dating is really expensive.

I've got crap hours at work the next two weeks, as opposed to the last two weeks where I had lots of hours. My tips and paycheck will be great this week, while they'll suck the next couple weeks if I don't pick up some hours somewhere. If I can't pick up hours it won't be the end of the world entirely though, it'll give me time to beat the new Zelda, and get some other stuff taken care of. Also it'll give me lots of free time to go crazy about the fact that LOST is back this Wednesday. I can't wait.

So yeah, come see Nocturnal Notes on Friday and Saturday. And until next time, goodnight everybody!

Michael [userpic]

Then We See What We Want To See

December 14th, 2006 (10:27 pm)

current location: Home
current mood: good
current song: Huey Lewis & The News - It's Alright

More regognizeables have come in, as some of them aren't really celebrities but notable people. The Office guys have come in a bunch, Joni Mitchell came in again a while back and was talking to one of our new guys who had no idea who she was. And he was asking her what kind of music she did, it was very funny. Starting to get reality people too, like a girl from the first Beauty & The Geek

Shannon Tweed
Nick Lachey
Vanessa Minnillo
Warren Beatty
Ricky Jay
Brian Wilson
Joely Fisher
Garcelle Beauvais

A couple others I think, but I can't remember right now. Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo were really nice. Although Nick Lachey did get a venti Eggnog Latte, and I had to make fun of him.

So i auditioned for this play last week, and got a call last night saying I got the part. The play is called Nocturnal Notes, and I'll be playing the role of Nathan, the best friend of the main character. Here's a breakdown of the story got from the listing on acor's access:

"Can fairytale romance exist in the city? Set in Los Angeles night life about a soft spoken girl with a big imagination following her heart in true love. She is asked her hand in marriage by her five year relation, Arthur, but before she can answer he is swept away from her old rival, Penny. As she gathers her broken heart and tries to publish her retelling of the Camelot tale she is swept away by an editor Walter and finds herself in the same situation as Guenevere."

I think it runs in early February, but I'm not sure, I start rehearsals in January. I do know we're performing at The Secret Rose Theater in North Hollywood, very close to my house. As soon as I have some more info about specific dates and such I will let everyone know. Also my Zoey 101 has not aired yet, so never fear if you're still looking for that. I'll let everyone know about that as soon as I know as well.

I wanted to write more, but I've been distracted, and I have to open tomorrow, so I think I'm gonna read Stone Of Tears until I feel sleepy and then hit it.

Michael [userpic]

Multi Region Blends

November 14th, 2006 (08:37 pm)

current location: Home
current mood: good
current song: Night Ranger - Sister Christian

So work has been really great at Starbucks. I was certified last week, and slowly I've been getting time on bar and get more comfortable. Like today, it was super crazy and I had to be on bar during a rush as our shift supervisor had to go on her lunch break, and the other guy with me had less experience on bar than me. So I had to do it, and it's pretty overwhelming, and very easy to get flustered. Other than that though, it's been great, I really like the job.

Plus I have a regular paycheck again, and tips, which have been great. This week's were extra good so I went out and picked up the new Tenacious D CD, rather than in a couple weeks when I thought I'd have some fun money.

Not that I'm going to get into them, but I've had some odd dreams the past few nights. I don't remember dreams that often, but I have for the past three nights. Funny how they come in groups. The first one is the funniest, Saturday night I was telling Jenny and Anna how I was over this girl, and the that night I had a dream about her. And then the next night I dreamt about a girl I hadn't seen in years. The last one was a dream about LOST, and was just as disappointing as the last episode. Oh!

I'm gonna end this with something fun. The list that follows are the celebrities that have come in to Starbucks while I've been working. One of my shift supervisors told me that Robin Williams came in before my shift on Saturday, I just missed him.

Joni Mitchell
Janice Dickinson
Albert Brooks
Catherine Hicks
Brian Baumgartner
Michael Chiklis
Lisa Rinna
Harry Hamlin
Kelly Carlson
Creed Bratton

A bunch of them are regulars too, like the guys from The Office, the mom from 7th Heaven, Michael Chiklis, and Janice Dickinson. It's funny to work in a place where celebrities just become part of your daily life, which is good for when I become one. Ha!

Michael [userpic]

A Coffee Brewing Cog In The Green & Black Machine

October 25th, 2006 (12:08 pm)

current location: Home
current mood: blah
current song: Todd Snider - Lookin' For A Job

I started Starbucks about a week and a half ago, and I really like it. I had my first practice shift on Sunday, and I was at the register for 4 hours, minus one lobby sweep and a 10 minute break. Then yesterday was my Starbucks experience class, which was 5 hours of coffee tastings, movies, and discussions about the company and our job as baristas. Tomorrow I'm supposed to learn the espresso bar, and then Sunday I have my first open shift. I should start getting tips soon and my first paycheck should come next week, I hope.

Despite all that, I wish I were working more. I want to be comfortable there faster, then I can really start to enjoy the job. When I'm not working, recently I've spent my time at home playing Final Fantasy IX. Last week I played through the first two discs and a good part of the third in about 4 days, and I'd be farther if I hadn't played through a fair amount of Final Fantasy VII first. I've wanted to go out and do stuff, but I'm brokedy broke, and you have to have money to go out. So I've become stagnant waiting for the opportunity to do stuff, to be social.

But on the bright side check me out. Seriously, check me out. I mean, it's not a whole lot to look at, but it's a start.

Michael [userpic]

Over The Hill

October 12th, 2006 (12:52 am)

current location: Home
current mood: restless
current song: The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring - Concerning Hobbits

When last I left this I was about to go up to Stockton to perform my senior project, and it went realluy well, I even made Doc cry a little. I had a lot of fun up there and I hope I can go back and visit soon. I'm hoping for Doc's show, but I'm not sure if I'll have any money by next weekend to do it. I definitely make it up for Night Music, I think.

Once home I went right into Eclectic, which went very well too. We sold out the last two performances, I was mistaken for the guy playing Oscar Wilde in one of the other one acts, Mom and Dad saw it, and people didn't seem to think the play was as bad I, or the director, or the rest of the cast, thought it was. Plus the playwright loved our performances, which was a change from when he watched our rehearsal. So a good time was had by all.

That was last weekend. By the time the last performance rolled around on Saturday night I was in a very bad mood. It hit me hard during the day when I was being short with my Mom as I went to deliver some soup to Oma. I didn't really feel bad though, it was partially her fault I was in such a bad mood. Her, Kent, I was annoyed stuff that was supposed to happen didn't happen, and I was annoyed with other people as well. Also what had been on my mind a lot leading up to closing night was that after the show closed I would have nothing to do. I still had no job. I now didn't have a anything to look forward to. I didn't have a reason to get out of bed excet to sit around wish I had something to do, wish I had someone to spend time with. That was getting me the most.

I was supposed to interview with the manager of Luke's Starbucks on Monday, but she never called me, so I called her. She told me she no longer woud hire me, but instead she was giving my application to the manager of the Beverly Glen store, which is now the third Starbucks I've seeked employment with. That manager called me later in the day. I interviewed with her the next day. And she offered me a job. I start Monday at noon.

This Starbucks is up Beverly Glen on Beverly Glen Circle just past Mulholland. It's not all the way over the hill, so it's not that far. Plus they close at 10 pm most nights, I think 10:30 or 11 on Friday and Saturday, which means I won't be there really late on closes. It's a small store and I hear they get good tips, so it sounds pretty cushy. I'm excited.

And while I am excited, I'm still feeling stagnant. I have something to do, something to look forward to now, but I still feel the same. Maybe because I haven't started work yet, but I think it's the same things that have been annoying me. I really need something new, something completely new. I think that's what I really need right now.

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